Calculate Net Promoter Score in Python

Calculate Net Promoter Score in Python The Net Promoter Score is obtained by asking your customers to rate, 0-10, how likely they would recommend your company or product to a friend or colleague. It’s pretty trivial to calculate (one reason why it’s so popular). Here’s my python implementation. Advertisements

It’s not scope creep…it’s scope discovery!

Today I got to work with a project team…product manager, project manager, developer, designer, content writer…outlining out the scope of the effort, sketching some possible solutions, writing up user stories. As we’re discussing possible features, the project manager says… Yeah…we’ve got a nickname for you…The Scope Creeper! – Project Manager I get that. If our…

Disrupting Your Web Development Workflow

I had a chance to speak at the Iowa Javascript meetup about Web Development Workflow tools. There are three things which have really made me reconsider and revise the process by which I organize and deploy code to servers: The need to make ideas and concepts available for consumption as quickly as possible. I work…

Bootstrap Icons in Sitefinity Hack

The Bootstrap framework includes a bunch of awesome icons, which you include in your markup using a custom <i> tag. But some tools (ahem, Sitefinity CMS) like to autocorrect your HTML, so it doesn’t play nicely with the <i> tag. But you can use a DIV instead. So instead of: <i class=”icon-remove” /> use: <div class=”icon-remove” />

The User Experience of Building a Bear

I can’t remember a more jarring lapse in a customer experience than that which my family experienced this morning.  It all started with a fuzzy blue bear. The Setup My wife and I took my daughter to a build-your-own-teddy-bear establishment.  To a father resigned to spending coin on a toy that will be loved intensely…