Mission Possible

This is the followon session to the previous Guerilla User Research session.  The theme here is taking the insights learned from User Research and turning them into actionable design.  The goal of this series of talks is to demo an application on Thursday this week.

Communicate Design

  • Personas
  • Workflow Stories / Scenarios
  • Task Analysis Grids


  • Quote
  • Day-in-the-life story.  Contextual/specific to what the person is doing right now.
  • Goals
  • Pain Points/Frustration
  • Opportunities
  • Activities

Design tool


Way to build empathy on users

Based on user research

Todd talked about the DNA chart…

Workflow Stories

Scenarios are stories that happen in the day of a life of a key user.  A narriative form that tell a story of people using the system.  Tasks are the granular items, connected to how important it is to different users.  This can be used to prioritize possible features.

Empathy is one of the key points of why we do user research.  This is a bit of contention with the Agile methodology and ‘user stories.’  User stories may refer to ‘average user,’ which often means ‘me.’

Good to use multiple points in order to generate personas:

  • Project Stakeholders
  • Customer Representatives (Customer Service Reps)
  • Actual Customers
  • Someone you know

Task Analysis Grids

Work back and forth between personas and Task Analysis Grids.  The idea is to get a holistic view of what the system is supposed to do overall.  Then go back to figure out the order/priority in which features are built/released.

  • Scenario Based
  • Incorporate personas
  • Prioritized

Persona Creation and Critique

We broke into several groups.  Each group created a persona based on the user research generated in the previous session.