Coda, TextMate, and BBEdit…Oh My!

[UPDATE: I’ve decided to go with TextMate]

I’m looking for a new Mac text editor, which will be primarily used for web coding (HTML, Python, PHP if they make me).  I want an editor that simple when I need it to be simple, helps me complete routine/repetitive tasks more efficiently, and lets me script/customize when I need advanced functionality. Here’s what I’ve tried so far…

Oldie but goodie.  Sometimes its nice to quickly open a file in the terminal, but I have a hard time seeing how to use it as a full-time text edit environment.  I know beneath the simple terminal screen lies multi-buffers, regex search/replace, and keyboard based editing nirvana, but I haven’t been able to fulfill its promises. I would need to take some time to recall all the keystroke commands, and then configure it and customize it to my liking.

Did the 15 day trial, and I really thought it was a nice web development environment.  Text Editor, Terminal, FTP, Version Control, Reference Books all in one window, with some sexy page transition animations that make your Windows-using co-workers jealous.  I also liked the Find/Replace functionality which allows placeholder/token expressions.  Much simpler than having to mess with regular expressions.  But I’m not sure if this is the best text editor for general text files.  For example, I’m also experimenting with Sphinx and reStructuredText…Coda has no love for reStructuredText (love=syntax highlighting, auto complete, etc).  The latest version of Coda supports user-defined plugins, so maybe reStructuredText is coming.  Finally, I had trouble getting Coda to work with a svn repository I set up, although it might be more of a problem with my svnadmin skills, than Coda.

My Coda trial has expired, so now I’m looking at:

I’ve watched some screencasts…seems pretty sexy.  All the cool kids seem to be using it.  It seems like there’s a lot of configuration/customization possibilities.  Maybe too many?   I’m interested in seeing if I use the snippets, which Bundles I’ll use, etc.  I’ve just downloaded the 30 day trial, and I’ll use it as my primary editor until it ends, or I get sick of it.

The granddaddy of Mac text editors.  All my co-workers use it.  Because it has been popular for so long, I imagine it is pretty solid.  Reminds me of Ultraedit on Windows.

I probably won’t try Emacs.  I gave up on that in 1994.

Anything else I should be looking at?


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